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Intelligent Waterless Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Dust accumulated on the surface of a photovoltaic module decreases the radiation reaching the solar cell and produces losses in the generated power.Unicorn is a revolution in solar panel cleaning technology. It is an IOT/Cloud connected Smart Robot with Machine learning capabilities. It can acquire weather information, if there is rain predicted does not operate. It senses dust levels and cleans accordingly. It can differentiate dust from bird droppings or panel breakage and acts accordingly.

Unicorn is modular in design and can be customised for different panel configurations. It is designed for Indian installations with uneven surfaces and undulation, suited for both Roof Top and Ground Mount farms irrespective of the size and geography.

Its Unique airwash technology ensures there is no need for water or harmful chemicals. It is self- cleaning, self-powered providing high reliability of cleaning thereby ensuring improved efficiency.
Unicorn thus ensures reliable and quick cleaning thereby assuring Quick Return on Investment and is environment friendly

Products- Capabilities

Intelimon Distribution Transformer Monitoring Unit

Mobile embedded monitoring system acquires, processes, analyses critical parameters of a distribution transformer and communicates any abnormalities to the maintenance operator/central monitoring station based on the predetermined events and hierarchy thereby enhancing the asset life, improving reliability of supply and increasing the safety of line operators

Remote Monitoring Platform

Intelimon Pro

Intelimon Pro is a central monitoring software which can provide comprehensive information regarding the assets. It not only monitors, but also helps in asset management. The Intelimon DTU unit can be connected to SCADA systems via communication protocol providing all the important data

Protecting Assets, Improving Efficiency

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