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Protecting assets, improving efficiency

At AEGEUS, we design and develop 100% Made in India Robotic technologies and solutions for Solar Panel Cleaning to avoid soiling losses, increase solar project efficiency and also avoid wastage of water.

We are engaged with our customers right from the design stage to understand their challenges, develop products and offer services to improve their efficiency. Our products and solutions help protect the

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High Efficiency .
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We Focus on Fully Automation Latest Technology with Machine Learning & IOT


We are focused on improving efficiency, protecting the environment

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Aegeus Technologies recognized by Startup City Magazine as 10 Most Promising ROBOTICS STARTUPS -2019

Identified among the Most Innovative Startups at Elevate 100

Core features of Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning system

Unicorn is a revolution in water-free solar panel cleaning technology, which not only provided you the flexibility to choose the cleaning frequency based on your need, but also differentiates dust from bird droppings or panel breakage. It is self cleaning, self-powered providing high reliability of cleaning thereby ensuring improved efficiency. It is suited for both rooftop and ground mount farms


Our Patented Robotic Cleaning system is suitable for PV plants ranging from a few hundred KW onward to MW scale. Our cleaners deliver assured improvement in power production from solar panels.


Our robots are designed in such a way that it consumes minimal power thereby offering longer battery back up. The automated version comes with a docking station having its own solar powered charging unit

Water-less Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Our Solar Cleaning Robot is a water-free cleaning system, meaning that your site not only avoids the cost of water, but also the infrastructure that supports it, be it tanker trucks, storage containers, hoses and piping. It removes 99% of soiling on a daily basis using a combination of three factors A special microfiber that gently wipes soiling away, controlled airflow over the panel surface, and gravity to ensure soiling is moved downwards and off panel rows
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Aegeus team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience with proven track records in revolutionary product development, engineering, operations and management.
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Protecting Assets, Improving Efficiency

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