Unicorn Intelligent Water Free Solar panel cleaning Robot

Unicorn is a revolution in water-free solar panel cleaning technology, which not only provided you the flexibility to choose the cleaning frequency based on your need, but also differentiates dust from bird droppings or panel breakage. It is selfcleaning, self-powered providing high reliability of cleaning thereby ensuring improved efficiency. It is suited for both roof top and ground mount farms
Intelligent Operation
Unicorn can be set to operate at a fixed time of the day and week when set in the TIME mode or it can be made to operate based on the dust level when set in the AUTO mode. No manual intervention or labour is required for cleaning the panels. Unicorn
Suited for Ground Mount and Roof Top solar installations
The fully automated system is ideally suited for large solar farms where the number of panels in a table is large. The economics does not work out for roof top or small solar farms. Unicorn is suited for even smallest of the rooftop or a ground mount system. Please consult us during the design stage and we will help you optimise your cost.
Water and Chemical Free
There is no need for water nor any chemicals to clean the solar panels unlike the existing water based or manual cleaning solutions. The unique triple brush technology ensures the panels are always clean.
Smart stain detection and communication*
It is not only important that the system is able to clean the dust but also should be smart enough to differentiate between dust particles and large objects like a dead bird , dead animal, bird dropping or even a broken panel. Unicorn is the only intelligent system which differentiates between the different type of particles and sends a communication to the central monitoring station or to the designated mobile phone over GPRS when there is a manual intervention required.
Unique cleaning technology
The cleaning technology is unique with rotary brush coupled with the blower and auxiliary brushes. These are self- cleaning, meaning they don’t need cleaning and are ready for the next operation immediately.
The Unicorn has its own small solar panel which charges the Li-ion batteries used to power the device. There is no need for external power supply nor any cabling. The base model comes with an external docking station meant for charging the Unicorn. Once fully charged Unicorn can operate for 4-6 hrs.Unicorn
Remote Monitoring and communication*
All these intelligent nodes communicate with the central monitoring station so you can remotely monitor their performance even on a smart phone and be assured of its 100% uptime or if there is any attention required.
Synchronised maintenance mode*
While you want to maintain the solar plant, you do not want the Unicorn hindering your maintenance. If you activate the maintenance mode remotely, all the Unicorns will go into their docking stations to facilitate smooth maintenance.
Customised Solution
We can design your system based on the number of panels fitted vertically, there is no limitations to the number of such panels in horizontal configuration.
Quick and reliable cleaning
The speed of operation is so optimised to ensure quick cleaning but at the same time the reliability is not compromised. It can easily clean 400-800 panels per hour depending upon the level of dust.
Safe Operation
There is enough intelligence built into the system to detect if there is any dust still left ensuring reliable cleaning. There are stoppers provided at the end of the array to prevent the system from tripping. Also, the system has its own intelligence built in to ensure it stops when the last panel is cleaned. Benefits : • Patented Design (applied) • Intelligent & smart operation • Fast & Reliable cleaning • No water and harmful chemicals • No labour • Light weight • Differentiates dust and droppings • Communication & remote monitoring • Self powered • High Uptime……Quick ROI

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